Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Fun Economics: The Big Mac Index

The words "fun" and "economics" usually don't go together in everyday language but this one is different. By using the Big Mac (Yes McDonald's famous Hamburger!) The Economist magazine was able to show how to measure the differences in the cost of living of different countries by comparing the different prices of the hamburger product.

It is fun and interesting.

Economist.com | The Big Mac Index

If you want to read more about the theory of puchasing-power parity, the article below gives a good explanation.

A Beginner's Guide to Purchasing Power Parity Theory (PPP Theory)

Business Research Tools: BizStats.com

The Bizstats website is a very useful tool to find basic statistics about business categories.

BizStats.com - Useful Business Statistics online

One way to use Bizstats is to use it to find revenue growth of businesses in the US.

Percentage Growth of US Business

Monday, November 29, 2004

Google Answers Research: China's currency peg

One of the most talked about issues in the global economy right now are the effects of a pegged or fixed Chinese currency, the yuan, to the US Dollar. Americans say that this is one of the factors making it difficult for the US economy to recover.

But how does China pegged it currency to the US Dollar in the first place? My next Google Answers Research shows how China and other fixed currency system countries maintain the level of exchange rate they desire.

The process is not for the weak of hearts.

Google Answers: China's currency peg

Business News: Inc.com | Top 10 Celebrity Entrepreneurs

Inc.com recently published the Top 10 Celebrity Entrepreneurs. Former Lakers star Magic Johnson is rated at No. 1!

Inc.com | Top 10 Celebrity Entrepreneurs

Google Answers Research: Portable People Meters

What are people meters? People meters are gadgets hooked up to your TV or radio to measure your viewing habits. However, this time companies are coming up with so called portable versions of this gadget that the audience can wear and can measure any TV or radion station they are viewing at a particular time inside the house.

Our research mainly focuses on the development of this technology by Arbitron and the challenges they faced in rolling out the service.

Google Answers: Market Research for Media with portable people meters

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