Friday, September 30, 2005

$100 Laptops!

Technology costs are shrinking. After our coverage of rolling out cheaper mobile phones, now comes affordable laptops! The target is $100 and again it will be distributed mainly to rural areas of poor countries.

I pray and hope that this plan pushes through along with the mobile phones. People from all walks of life can now participate in this interconnected world!

$100 Laptop Effort Gains Momentum

Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Tensions of Trade

Here is another article discussing the inequalites of global trade due to cheap labor. Cheap labor to some first rate economy but not to those who have to buy clothes and food for his family deeply rooted in third world poverty.

The rapid rise of China's sock town

Palm... What Went Wrong?

It was a surprise to see splashed all over the news pages that Palm and Microsoft will now partner on the Treo. Years ago this was unthinkable since both were major players in the handheld market. But times and technologies have changed in just a few years. In this insightful article from Michael Singer of ZDNet, it enumerates the mistakes Palm had made along the way as it struggled in the fast changing handheld market.

Five reasons for Palm's slide

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Finland is at No. 1

Finland is still the most competitive economy in the world with the United States at second place.

Finland Tops Competitiveness Index--Again

Nothing is a sure thing!

Nothing is a sure thing! Even a great ball player misses a slam dunk. Even real estate players can lose their shirt!

Our next article shows that you must be careful with real estate. The old adage that it is always a good investment since the value always appreciates isn't always true. The cases are in the American setting but they can be true in other parts of the world as well.

3 ways you can go broke in real estate

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Cell Phones for Everybody

A bit of good news even if the real product hasn't arrived yet. The major mobile phone makers are now scrambling to make cheaper phones that will be marketed mostly to Asian and African countries.

Motorola will be rolling out handsets in the sub $40 category while Philips is in the works for a phone that can be priced below $15!

Motorola Introduces Dirt-Cheap Cell Phone For Developing Countries

Ebay Day!

Today we will have Ebay day and provide two posts for this great internet business model. But how does the business model really work in simple terms? My next answer to a Google Answers question shows the basics and also addresses the security issues Ebay has to tackle to keep on going.

The eBay Business Model

Senior Citizens and Ebay

Continuing with our Ebay series... we will now look at how seniors are finding ways to make money at Ebay. It just goes to show that the internet isn't just for the young ones.

The 55-Plus Crowd Takes to eBay Auctions

Monday, September 26, 2005

Chinese and Tourism

In this very interesting article from the Financial Times, the articles describes how Chinese tourists enjoy their trips abroad.

"But there is one aspect of the modern tourism experience in which Chinese tourists more than hold their own: shopping. A recent report by AC Nielsen found that Chinese travellers are the world’s most extravagant shoppers, with average expenditure on outbound trips reaching US$987 per head – exceeding the famously high-spending and luxury-loving Japanese. Travellers to Europe spend even more, averaging US$1,781 per trip."

The peculiarity of Chinese tourism

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Business Models of Virtual Communities

Have you ever wondered how virtual communities make money? Virtual communities are places wherein people post ideas, ads or just about anything that comes across their minds. It's not just advertisements anymore and some are actually making money these days.

In this research I posted at Google Answers, we examine the different ways these types of websites try to keep their heads above water.

The Business Side of Virtual Communities

Answers at the New York Times

The New York Times recenty had a feature on Goofle Answers! You can get a heads up on what this 3 year old service is about and maybe we can answer your question!
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