Monday, April 03, 2006

Sony and the Playstation Portable

In my opinion Sony's venture into the handheld gaming industry is a very wise move. Only Nintendo is in this industry and the market is really vast right now.

Unlike the N-Gage, Sony has the capability to dish out a number of games due to its relationship with game publishers who were successful in launching titles for the PS1 and PS2.

However, the big difference is that Sony opted to put lots of bells and whistles into the PSP. Things that seem to look good at first but only skyrockets the price and then the market realizes that they don't need it.

Take into the consideration the UMD Movies for the PSP which has now been declared as a flop. Why would you want to watch movies in such a small screen when you have a DVD Player at home? They say you can watch movies wherever you are like in the bus. But you already got the PSP, an awesome gaming machine in your hands, you've got action on the bus!

Now Nintendo is set to launch the Revolution console. This is a very good example on why Nintendo is loved by gamers. Reports have it that unlike the XBox and the PS3, they will not put a hard drive in it. Instead they will enable the console to accept USB flash drives and other memory cards! This is great! It not only brings the cost down but also gives the user what type and how much storage they can afford.

The beauty of simplicity.

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