Thursday, December 02, 2004

Business News: Peter Drucker and Rick Warren

The Forbes website has more tidbits about Rick Warren. It seems odd to many that Peter Drucker and Rick Warren are good friends for many years. Here is an excerpt from Forbes:

"The Drucker-Warren relationship may surprise many readers, but it goes back two decades, to when the young minister came to Drucker for advice. Under Drucker's tutelage, Warren's own success as a spiritual entrepreneur has been considerable. Saddleback has grown to 15,000 members and has helped start another 60 churches throughout the world. Warren's 2001 book, The Purpose-Driven Life, is this decade's best seller with 19.5 million copies sold so far and compiling at the rate of 500,000 per month."

The article actually focuses more on the thoughts of Peter Drucker but this was a rare interview given by the business expert after Rick Warren urged him to grant a request by Forbes magazine. Peter Drucker On Leadership

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